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Wonton Food cares about our employees, the food industry workers and has planted its roots and plays an important part in the community. Our philanthropy has been involved in the areas of education, health, and the community for years and we will continue to provide support.

Wonton Food emphasizes the importance for students to further their education to achieve their dreams. We’ve established the Wonton Food Achievement Scholarship with Greater NY Chinese Dollars for Scholars and the Fortune Graduation Fund with the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association as a way for students around New York City and the country to pursue further education.

We have been committed to improving health care and health care education for the Asian American community in New York City by supporting NY Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital and Chinatown Health Clinic. Through this support, these organizations can continue to serve the community’s medical needs.

Wonton Food has taken the responsibility of giving back to our local communities throughout the New York City metro area as well as the food industry. We’ve been striving to enrich the lives of residents through donations, career advancement, civic engagement, and providing support for local manufacturing and businesses partnering with multiple local and national organizations: Celestial Love Foundation, Chinatown Manpower Project Inc., Evergreen Exchange, F.Y. Eye, LIC Partnership, NJCACC and American Food Merchant Alliance, etc.

We proudly present 8 Wonton Food Achievement Scholarships (a four-year scholarship of $2,500 per year) via the Greater NY Chinese Dollars for Scholars. All high school seniors of Chinese descent whose parent or guardian has been working in the Asian restaurant business in the US for at least one year are eligible to apply.

Message from the CEO

Promoting the importance of education and assisting our community in achieving higher education is the foundation of our future. All of our children should have the opportunity to see the world without limitations. As a Chinese owned family business, we want to promote traditional values such as education. 

My father, Ching Sun Wong, created Wonton Food 50 years ago. The Asian restaurant industry has been an internal part of Wonton Food's success. It is a tough industry where people work long hours to create a better future for their children. We wanted to give back and show our appreciation and recognition for these hard-working families and invest in the community and industry that supported Wonton Food's growth through the years.

- Norman Wong

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Deadline: June 1st, 2023